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Specialised Agency

Center Stage is a communications agency specialised in public speaking preparation, presentation training, and onstage content marketing.

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.
— Maya Angelou | Poet


Public Speaking Preparation


Coaching, Messaging, Rehearsal sessions

We can do as much or as little as you feel you need to be your best in front of your audience.


My services are relevant

  • for CEOs & business executives

  • for high-level civil servants 

  • for managers, team leaders, 

  • for trainers and presenters

  • when preparing to host, moderate, or MC an event

  • when you're speaking as a sponsor at an event 

  • Media Training: when preparing a press conference, a for-print, radio or on-camera press interview

  • VLOG: when developing your video blogging content

  • when preparing for a voice-recording

  • when preparing to accept an award

Are you not comfortable taking center stage?  You wish you had more confidence giving presentations? Are you looking to convey your ideas plainly, concisely and with greater impact? Could it be that improving your public speaking skills is just what you need to take you or your organization to the next level?   

Whether in a team meeting or a board room, in front of an audience or a camera your voice and words can be powerful tools if used properly for maximum impact.  Speaking well is not a skill you have at birth - it is learnt and it can be taught.  

My coaching services will help you improve your public speaking skills.  This could be relevant for a specific engagement or more generally to strengthen your leadership toolkit.  I can assist you in developing an authentic message that will resonate with your listeners.  I am ready to teach you the techniques used by some of the best public speakers and train you to master them.  

Still not sure if coaching makes sense for you?  I’m super approachable and always curious to understand peoples needs.  Shoot me a message with a question or query, and let’s find out.  



Onstage Content Development


Developing an event can be one of the most impactful ways of communicating.  If you are running your own event, you control the message, its distribution and the target audience.  It's worth making the most of this opportunity to communicate so very directly.  

Successful events require much work and represent a considerable investment.  Much focus is placed on the technical success of a corporate event, while that which is less tangible - but at least equally important - is all too often under-considered.  And that is your on-stage content.  

In the past, you may have invested in a venue, catering, sound & lighting services.  You may even have hired a wonderful keynote speaker or organized a panel discussion.  This is all good stuff.  Nevertheless, it is worth taking some time and effort to tie it all together in a coherent fashion. Ensuring that stage direction compliments the content, that the content reflects your values and is aligned to your strategic messaging, that the speakers understand their roles and contribution, that whatever is happening onstage is engaging to your audience and to post-event media coverage.  Essentially, put some art into developing your on-stage content.  

I offer my service to make sure you are the perfect host: bringing your content to the stage in the manner most compelling and pleasant to your audience of respected guests.  



Trainings & Workshops

I can provide specialty trainings or practical workshops tailored to your needs including : 

  • Public Speaking Foundation Course: Speak So That People Listen

  • How to Best Practice Authentic Networking 

  • Develop Your Personal Branding 

  • Slidology: the Science of Great Visuals

  • Assertive Communication

  • Implementing a “Good-Meetings-Only” policy




& Facilitation

Do you need a master of ceremony for your celebration?  Or a moderator for a conference, discussion panel or an awards ceremony? I can serve as your event moderator.

Maybe your next general assembly ought to have an outside party chair the meeting?  Your committee could benefit from a nonpartisan third party to keep the focus on the meeting’s objectives.  I have experience with this too and am committed to the utmost confidentiality . I can be your meeting facilitator.  

Whatever it is, we can discuss how I can help bring value to your meeting.  

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